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I have more than 15 years of experience in the field of PVD coating process eingineering on glass. I was the start-up person in vacuum coating department in Asfour Crystal when it opened in Jan 2002. I remained the highest technical rank in vacuum coating industry there until I left them by the end of 2016. During my working term there, I made a big strategic technical and administrative re-construction of the department in 2006 shifted its technology to Swiss made machines with high level of project ownership responsibility. I travelled several times to many European and Asian countries for training, negotiation and making acceptance tests for vacuum coating machines and I’m always ready for travel according to job requirements. I have technical experience handling PVD equipment producing multilayer processes as AR and colored mirror coatings. I dealt with very special custom made large area plants for evaporation of metals and metal oxides with several innovation projects. I was responsible for the know-how of vacuum coating processes especially with operational and mechanical points of view. I invented several processes and implemented them into production. An example of these inventions was Golden Shadow color which represents the elite quality of the factory production. Also, I was responsible for other technical management issues like quality control, cost reduction and continues improvement, and thorough knowledge of Lean Manufacture. Also, I have several administrative and non-technical experience in the fields of marketing, sales, negotiation, customer support, inventory and supply chain, international relationships and planning and big data control & analysis. I represented my company in several international relationships. In addition, I have experience work as a freelance expert in the field of PVD processing, with very good technical relationships with global leader manufacturers in this industry. Also, I have experience in initiating new private business. CV

    (Student seeking Work Experience)

My name is Alexander Richardson. I am in my second year of HND Mechanical Engineering at East Sussex College, and will be going on to a top-up course in September 2019 to complete my degree.   I am looking for some work while I am studying, and wonder if you might have anything suitable? I am available part-time during college terms, and full-time during the holiday periods. My CV is attached, outlining my experience to date, as well as my contact information. CV