Looking for work, or a new career opportunity in vacuum?

The Vacuum-Resource.Org website is here to help all vacuum users, whether it be full or part-time, your main job or just necessary knowledege to get the job done!   Designed to be mobile-friendly and at your fingertips there is a wealth of resources to help the vacuum user – just follow the Resources link in top navigation bar.  

Anyone working in vacuum has a wide range of skills.  Head over to the 'Career' section of Resources where you can view job opportunities posted by companies looking for vacuum professionals, or post your CV to the vacuum industry to demonstrate your experience and skills to vacuum companies directly – we have setup a new page that you can bookmark to periodically check out new opportunities.

If there is anything you can't find, or you think should be included in Vacuum-Resource.Org then please let us know – use the Contact Form (member login required) or send an email to info@vacuum-resource.org.

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